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Gateway Global Data Logistics is a workforce and talent management company that provides IT training and staff augmentation in Geospatial and Human/ Asset/ Network/  and Cyber Security.  We specialize in global hubs, borders, special economic zones and trade zones, transportation corridors, ceasefire zones, near state and federal assets, embassies and other global offices, ports and waterways across North America and the globe.

Data as a Service

Data Collection

We collect geospatial data within special economic zones using the most reliable primary and secondary sources to support location data. Our network of geosptial intelligence professionals provide the most intricate details from on the ground. 


We support intelligence at all levels by providing thorough and fluid monitoring and analysis of human and physical geography layers within and near specialized zones. 


Our analysts provide thorough and strong research and analysis services to enhance time sensitive situations and support network collaboration throughout your project. Let us help you and your stakeholders with manage asset inventory collaboration and collective attributes for development. 

Professional Services

We provide our customers with professional analysts,skilled technicians and software developers to support enterprise needs in next generation technology, innovation and development. We provide talent support for:

  • Geospatial/GIS

  • IoT

  • Network Security 

Storage and Transfer

Our data storage and security is designed to control user interface and protect your business modeling, planning and mapping created within our system. We incorporate two way data transfer between a range of surveying devices enhancing our ability to easily analyze or convert raw physical data and overlay the human data.

Data QA/QC

We can design, develop and execute a data governance plan that will propel your data management, quality assurance and quality control into organized projects and targeted outcomes. 


Let's get your project moving!

Call or email us today to learn more about how we can help your enterprise collect and manage critical geospatial data. Managing geospatial data on growth and expansion projects can mean the difference between fast and excellent execution and slow and challenging setbacks. 

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