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Talent Acquisition

Cultivating Skills and Pipelining Talent 

At Gateway Global we have found a real and forward thinking solution to workforce engagement and talent needs across the technology spectrum. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on ​recruitment while hoping to find the talent that we need, we've created a partner organization that pipelines talent from high schools, colleges, and universities. 


Our partner organization, Gateway Global American Youth and Business Alliance Academies solves our talent challenges and those of our customers. GGAYBA facilitates tech based apprenticeships for high school graduates, college students and college graduates. The program is a strategic talent pipeline that covers the standard recruitment cycle using a method that we called I.D.E. (Import, Develop, Export). We begin working with high school districts, junior colleges, coding academies and four-year colleges and universities to build relationships and prepare young talent in areas of Geospatial/GIS, IoT, Network and Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence, employ them at entry level on our customer projects, and place them into roles with customers once they have obtained education, experience and credentials.  


Our goal is to become an industry leader and in doing so, we must lead in and innovate when it comes to our most valuable asset - our skilled workforce. Without skilled workers, none of the most life enhancing technologies and innovations would have been possible. People matter and at Gateway Global it is part of our overall mission to ensure that there is a solid, qualified and viable skilled pipeline in the most critical technologies of today and the future. 

We facilitate training, credentialing and employment of STEM-Based  Tech Apprenticeships registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. Our education and industry partners work with us to bring larger and more diverse talent pools and pipelines into the workforce with the education, skills and experience needed to help propel industries into the future and remain globally competitive. 

Click the button below to inquire about how tech based Apprentices can help grow your skilled workforce today! 

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