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Solutions for Your Industry

Geospatial Data, Places and People

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

When you plan to build something beautiful and useful that you can be proud of you want to be sure that it will serve its community effectively. Let us help you identify attributes and conditions that will make your job easier. 

Banking & Financial Services

Understand the location and community of your next customer, their needs and how you can best serve them. 


Want to know where the people with the skills your company needs are? How to grab their attention and recruit them? Or how about understanding K-12 pipelines for your college or university? We've got you covered. 

Energy & Utilities

You have one of the most important jobs in the country. People count on you each day to keep their lives and businesses running efficiently and comfortably. We can help you understand the best way to deliver your services and keep your workers safe while doing it.


Running municipalities, cities, and states is a big job. Running the country - even bigger. You help keep us safe and without you none of the other industries would have the proper environment to flourish. We can help you monitor and manage the dynamic land and facility landscape that drives growth, development and security. 


During times of public healthcare crisis it is imperative that data related to outbreaks, PPE shortage, mutations and disease convergence, job loss, home loss, changing demography, income, effects on education, crime, healthcare coverage, and community access to healthcare be at the center of a company's mission and solutions. All of these things affect the health of individuals. We can help you visualize these data in a way that will help your project and product teams work across the enterprise quickly and efficiently to meet goals, serve communities and country, and save lives. 

Natural Resources

The earth's natural resources are valuable assets from the most remote to the most densely populated areas. Understanding where those assets are, how to exploit them and how it affects stakeholders and surrounding communities is critical to the success of maintaining those resources. Let us help you identify those resources, solidify ownership, and develop plans for engagement and management of the surrounding population. 

Real Estate 

Whether commercial or residential, understanding site location is critical to a healthy and vibrant community where people want to live, work and play. We can help you determine where you should build your next jewel and why. 


Your customers are the most important element in the growth of your business. Acquiring new customers, satisfying old ones and understanding how to leverage everything in between maintains your competitive edge in both brick and mortar and online retail. Our professionals are ready to help you understand the most intricate details of new communities of interest and identify attributes that are key to the growth of your sales. 


How we move things determines how efficient and effective systems are. Roads and highways move people and products from one place to the next. Ports help us move goods from within our border to lands far away sharing culture, food, technology and fashion. Rails and aircraft are essential to industry, military and simple leisure and family time. GGDL can help access critical points on transportation routes and identify trends, loads, routes, migrations, and track details related to health and safety. 


The telecom industry is one of the fastest growing globally. With 5G networks on the rise, industry leaders will need to monitor installments, workflows, safety, and performance. Our professionals can help you to map new telecom networks as well as the communities that surround and utilize them. Let us offer your business a full service location based solution for your installations and industry growth. 


Like road transportation, water transport and energy support is crucial to infrastructure and international relations. We can help you monitor and analyze conditions in all bodies of water including at sea. Whether it's for inter-modal transport on the river, shipping cargo overseas, or monitoring vessel and aircraft activity or oceanic physical properties Gateway Global can help you achieve your goals in commerce and security.  

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