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Why Choose GGDL?


To be globally competitive you need solutions that move your organization and teams towards goals and objectives faster and smarter.


With GGDL you no longer need to run from one place to the next gathering information and consultation waiting months and sometimes years on the viability and profitability of a project, new location or market entry. 


We make planning, development, security and expansion in special economic and development zones fluid and easy by having everything you need to know about the land, people, environment and incentives in one place.


In addition to technical services, GGDL offers professional services that  help keep your team strong and knowledgeable about the market, competition and industry innovation. 


One of our core capabilities is tech talent cultivation. We source and develop skilled talent needed to keep us strong enough to be successful and we can do the same for you. Our GGDL workforce program is designed to bring the best and brightest to the service of our customers in Geospatial Intelligence, CyberSecurity and Artificial Intelligence. 

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